Let’s make this game with JavaScript — Part II

Davison Pro
10 min readFeb 4, 2019

I’m into games. I’m into JavaScript. And i will walk you through making an awesome game.

The Monster and the Rabbit

I have just launched DavisonPro.dev. A standalone blog where I write about Javascript, Web development and software development.

Hello there 👋

Welcome on board. Today we will embark on an exciting adventure, where we will be making our very own JavaScript game. This is the second article of the Let’s make this game with JavaScript series.

If by chance you did not read the first part of this series I would recommend you quickly go through the basics. Click here or the link below.

I will try to keep it short, simple and sweet. Making games should be simple and fun. We will be using Karim Maloul’s low-poly as a learning example for this project. To view some of his work visit this link.

Please take a moment and play this game and note everything happening in the scene before going to the next section.