How To Create An Advanced PHP Rest API

Davison Pro
8 min readApr 14, 2019

I have just launched A standalone blog where I write about Javascript, Web development and software development.

We will be creating an advanced version of How To Create A Simple REST API in PHP? Step By Step Guide! by

This is an advanced way to structure an api and all we will do in this article is to go through the main files in this project.

Download the source code of this project available on Github.

The project has lots of amazing functions and classes that you should really take a look at and use in your future projects.

What is REST API?

REST stands for “Representational State Transfer”. API stands for “Application Programming Interface”. It is a set of rules that allows one piece of software application to talk to another. Those “rules” can include create, read, update and delete operations.

Here’s how it may look in everyday life: You’re searching for a hotel room from an online travel booking site. Using the site’s online form, you select the city you want to stay in, check-in and checkout dates…